Lane´s Free GCSE Biology Worksheets

Welcome to my Free GCSE worksheets which are designed to be used for home study or in the classroom. They act as revision worksheets once the topic has been studied with the teacher or read from the text book. They get progressively harder, starting with a gap fill, then two questions, Extension and finishing with the Knowledge Boss hardest question.

If you are going for an A* in Biology then try all the questions but if you are going for a grade C then stop after the two questions. The worksheets can be self assessed and a score given using the mark scheme.

You can choose to make it more challenging by doing the gap fill version without the key words. The gap fill tests recall knowledge and then the written questions draws out the students´ deeper understanding and pushes the most able students to think with the Extension and Knowledge Boss.

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The 15 topics are:

  • Gas Exchange
  • Nervous System
  • Hormones & Adrenaline
  • Mitosis & Meiosis
  • Monohybrid Inheritance
  • Asexual & Sexual Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction in Plants
  • Human Reproduction
  • Plant hormones & Auxin
  • Natural Selection & Evolution
  • Excretion & Kidneys
  • Homeostasis & Body Temperature
  • Blood Glucose Regulation
  • The Immune System
  • Genetic Engineering


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