Testimonials | Lane Biology Tutor | Online GCSE Biology Teacher
"I have really enjoyed Mr Lane’s online lessons. I think he really helped me improve my grade in A Level Biology. I was struggling with some of the more confusing topics and he was able to explain them so it was easier for me to understand. We did lots of practice questions so I could see where I was losing marks. Thanks a lot for being my great tutor."
-Natalia D
"Kevin has been a wonderful tutor for my daughter doing A level Biology. She was struggling and lacking in confidence and he managed to teach her all the right things and how to answer the questions properly. I think his years of teaching experience really helped Sarah to understand better. He is very professional and dedicated. She really improved her grade with his lessons."
-Tony S
"I am a parent and my son has always been happy with Kevin’s lessons. He really helped him when he was having problems with his grades in Biology. I don’t think my son was studying well or knew what he should be focussing on for his Biology A-Level. He said he found the harder questions too difficult. But Mr Lane gave him more confidence and did lots of practice with some questions he could not do well. He got a C grade in Biology which is great as he was getting E grades and he is now doing the course he wants at University. Thanks Mr Lane. I am so pleased I found you to be his teacher."
-Rachel T
"I really liked Kevin's lessons. He made me feel relaxed and pushed me to learn more and think more and how to answer questions better. His lessons were really effective because I improved a lot. Thanks so much."
-Xin Z
"I think if you are looking for a Biology tutor then Kevin is a great choice. His online lessons are clear and he explains things well. Sometimes my school teacher confused me but when I studied it again with Kevin he showed me it was not so difficult which gave me more confidence and also motivation. Definitely is a top tutor"
-Benjamin G